Monday, July 20, 2015

Fuel Environmental Charges
Beginning January 1, 2011, we changed our fuel charge percentage  from 0.00% to 0.000% for collection Junk Removal services, and 0.00% to 0.000% for disposal Dumpster Bin services, for every 1 cent in fuel cost increase or decrease, we still charge nothing, zippo, zilch, zero. Why? Simply put, we love our customers. We understand that people have families and a high cost of living in this economy. That's why we never have used back door charges to increase the cost of the end user, only to pocket the profits.

Environmental Component

The environmental component of this fuel/environmental charge is current 0% of invoice charges, excluding tax.  (Not Some but all our  Calgary disposal Dumpster Bin customers are happy not to be charged a flat per load rate or a variation not described herein. You don't have to contact your local Technical Service Center at all. Call Payless Disposal Inc. Waste Management Dumpsters for more details.) The environmental component of this fuel/environmental charge is non existant with us because it is a stupid charge implemented by some companies to supposedly cover increasing costs and expenses for operating collection, transfer, landfill disposal and supposed waste-to-energy operations. A company that charges people for petty charges like these makes you wonder whether they are operating in a  safe and environmentally responsible manner. Some companies are happy to achieve an acceptable operating margin (what does this mean?).  Now, The amount or percentage you'll get charged of the environmental component is not specifically tied to your account service costs directly or indirectly ,but rather, it is to a management companies overall costs on a company-wide, basis.(what are you kidding us?)
We do not charge an additional base pecentage for fuel and then add a floating fuel rider. Then after that explain why it is a good determination on our part and let you try to figure out why your bill got so high. With payless Disposal you won't need an accountant to figure out your bill.
There is no Historical Fuel/Environmental Charge values
We won't act like the government and tax you because were the biggest waste dumpster company around.
Make sure you call and use a small company like Payless Disposal Inc for dumpster bin service. This will insure you against crazy billing and surcharges you may not expect to have to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do some of the larger companies charge a fuel charge?
A: This charge helps to keep big businesses reaching deeper into the already stretched pockets of Canadians.
It is only an exuse to say it is the cost of fuel. That's like saying Canada needed a new tax like the GST.  Fuel charges are common in the transportation industry and are charged by some Calgary waste haulers, but not at Payless Disposal inc waste removal Services.

Q: If the price of fuel comes down, will my fuel charge come down too?
A: No.

Q: What does the environmental snow job component cover and will it fluctuate each month?
A:  The environmental snow job component is the charge that they attribute to overall company-wide profits for their business. They call this their acceptable operating margin. This environmental charge is not tied to any environmental compliance, or costs to service a specific account, but to the overall costs to profit from service to all Waste customers.
We do:
disposal of tires,
disposal and management of batteries, oils and fluids 

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